Morocco and its Opportunities

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Open to many cultures as well as to a market of one billion consumers, Morocco offers investors an attractive and appealing business climate, but also:


Infrastructure & potential

In a constant dynamic of openness and democratization, the Moroccan constitution guarantees the freedom of speech, of association, and of membership to any political party or trade union organization, but also:

  • The reinforcement of the Human Rights system
  • The broadening of the scope of individual and collective freedoms
  • The consolidation of the rule of law and the institutions
  • The plurality of the Moroccan identity
  • The reinforcement of the prime minister's status as the Head of the State, directly responsible for Public Policy
  • The consolidation of the mechanisms of the moralization of public life.

Furthermore, Morocco was elected, in comparison to North African countries:

  • The most stable country in 2012*.
  • The most peaceful country in 2013**.
  • The most democratic country among the Arab countries in 2013***.

* According to The Association For International Affairs
** According to the Global Peace Index 2013
*** According to the Egyptian Ibn Khaldoun Center


Testimonial | Thorbjorn Jagland, Secretary General for the Council of Europe

jagland   “The Council of Europe welcomes its cooperation with Morocco, the most advanced country in the Arab region in terms of democracy, and respect for human rights and the rule of law“


Worldclass infrastructures

Morocco's infrastructure is among the most developed in the African continent. The country indeed has:

  • 15 international airports
  • A large highway network that will connect all the country's big cities in 2015
  • A large railway network, which will be enhanced with Africa's first TGV in 2015
  • The biggest port in Africa, Tanger Med
  • 22 integrated industrial platforms


A unique geographic location

Morocco benefits from a strategic geographic location, making it a crossroads which is only (on average):

  • 2h flight from the European capitals.
  • 5h from the Middle Eastern capitals.
  • 4h from the sub-Saharan capitals.
  • 8h from the American capitals.



Access, exempt from customs duties, to a market of 1 billion

Thanks to:

  • The association agreement between Morocco and the European Union
  • The free trade agreement with the United States
  • The creation of the Greater Arab Free Trade Area
  • The free trade agreement with the Mediterranean Arab countries
  • The free trade agreement with Turkey
  • The free trade agreement with the United Arab Emirates.


Competitive prices



Highly qualified human resources

The population is multilingual and open to the world. Furthermore:

  • 64% of Moroccans are under 34 years of age
  • 6 million of the youth are between 18 and 35 years of age
  • The professionally active population is of 12 million people
  • 175 000 students are enrolled in higher education
  • 15 000 engineers will be trained each year by 2015 and 25 000 by 2020
  • 10 million Moroccans are French-speaking
  • ~6 million Moroccans are Spanish-speaking